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Published: 2018-06-30

Daily Fluctuations in Hormonal and Performance Markers in Collegiate Weightlifters

Sports Science, University of Iowa, Carver-Hawkeye Arena, 1 Elliot Dr, Iowa City, IA, USA.
Department of Exercise and Sport Science, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Mitchell Hall, 1820 Pine Street, La Crosse, WI, USA
Athlete Monitoring Assessment Microcycle Broad Jump Testosterone


The purpose of this study was to assess relationships between daily fluctuations in hormonal and performance markers in weightlifters. Nine male collegiate weightlifters gave daily pre-practice salivary samples for one week and were tested daily for standing broad jump distance; first jump (BJ1) and best jump (BJB) were recorded. Volume-load was heavy on Monday (47%), light on Tuesday (13%), and medium-heavy on Wednesday (40%). To determine if variables differed by day, RM ANOVAs were used with partial-eta squared effect sizes (?2 p) to calculate meaningful changes. RM ANOVA models suggest daily differences occurred for T (F=4.027, p=.024, ?2 p =.402), T/C (F=11.735, p=.019, ?2 p =.898), and BJ1 (F=6.229, p=.004, ?2 p =.509), but not for C (F=1.623, p=.219, ?2 p =.213) nor BJB (F=1.088, p=.379, ?2 p =.154). Daily fluctuations in BJ1 shared a moderate inverse relationship with daily fluctuations in C (r = -0.42), whereas BJB revealed no association with hormonal markers. T, T/C, and BJ1 appeared to be meaningfully affected by the previous day’s training stress in collegiate weightlifters, suggesting that BJ1 may be indicative of hormonal status and that a one-day reduction in VL may enhance acute athlete readiness.


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Peterson, K. D., & Andre, M. J. (2018). Daily Fluctuations in Hormonal and Performance Markers in Collegiate Weightlifters. International Journal of Physical Education, Fitness and Sports, 7(2), 25-29.

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