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Published: 2020-06-22

Modification of Cooper’s 12-min Run Test to Predict Maximum Oxygen Uptake in Indian Cricketers

Sports & Exercise Physiology Laboratory, Department of Physiology, University of Calcutta, University Colleges of Science and Technology, 92 A. P. C. Road, Kolkata: 700009, India.
Cooper test Cricket VO2max Oxygen uptake Cricketers


Cooper’s 12-minute run test (CRT) for prediction of maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) has not yet been explored in Indian sportspersons. Present investigation was conducted to evaluate the applicability of CRT in Indian cricketers. 75 male and 45 female cricket players were randomly recruited from reputed cricket academies of Kolkata, India and were randomly assigned into the study group (male = 45, female = 25) and confirmatory group (male = 30, female = 20). Incremental cycle ergometer exercise was used for direct estimation of VO2max by expired gas analysis and the indirect prediction of VO2max (PVO2max) was performed by CRT method. The current protocol of CRT was found to be inapplicable in both the genders of Cricketers due to a significant difference between PVO2max and VO2max and a large limit of agreement between PVO2max and VO2max in the study groups. A significant correlation (r = 0.76 in males and r = 0.79 in females, p<0.001) was depicted between VO2max and distance covered in CRT. Regression equations were computed based on the significant correlation. The application of these equations in the confirmatory groups revealed an insignificant difference between PVO2max and VO2max and narrow limits of agreement. Standard errors of the estimate of the regression norms were also minimal. Therefore, modified equations are recommended for CRT application for valid and precise evaluation of cardiorespiratory fitness in terms of VO2max in male and female Indian cricketers.


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Bandyopadhyay, A. (2020). Modification of Cooper’s 12-min Run Test to Predict Maximum Oxygen Uptake in Indian Cricketers. International Journal of Physical Education, Fitness and Sports, 9(2), 72-78.

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